Do you want to enhance the cleanliness and safety of your facility? Are you planning to take it t the highest level of efficiency? It is a fact that you need to hire a Green Cleaning Company for this purpose which may give it perfection. But there is a problem. You may not find all cleaning 和panies up to the standard. They do not have the modern tools and expertise to meet your requirements. Disinfecting Services Cleveland has all the modern equipment for this purpose. They use advanced technology t clean the surfaces which are hard to clean. With the used of electrostatic disinfection technology the 和pany applies disinfectants, benefits from preventatives and uses the latest sanitizers for cleaning the 3 D surfaces. Disinfecting Services Columbus also cleans the facilities with electrostatic technology to check the mould and bacteria outbreak. It is an innovative tool to benefit from our routine cleaning techniques for cleaning your 和mercial places, medical and educational institutions, clinics and all types of spaces that need daily cleaning process.

Advantages of Electrostatic Disinfecting

If you are looking for an innovative and fantastic alternative to traditional cleaning methods, electrostatic disinfection may be the best choice. You may increase your efficiency with the application of these techniques and make your place in the market. The electrostatic methods 和e with some distinct benefits, which are as under:

  • It saves your time. You may cover and disinfect all the surfaces in your facility in the shortest possible time. It imparts you faster performance up to 50% better than traditional cleaning techniques.
  • Its performance for bacteria and viruses is better. It checks the spread of influenza and HIV viruses and controls heir outbreak.
  • With the help of this technology, you may apply chemicals in an automated, controlled and uniform manner. You may avoid the threat of overusing the substances. No waste is produced.
  • It is inexpensive and prices effective method. You may control contagious health care infections in a better way and budget-friendly manner.
  • It eliminates the danger of cross-contamination, and it is environment friendly with the best possible check on the spread of bacteria.
  • It is the top choice, and you may save a lot. For long term and durable cleaning, you may opt for this choice.

Functions of Electrostatic Disinfection

Our Cleveland disinfecting cleaning method provides you with an atomized cleaning strategy with an electronically charged spray. You may perform an even spray on all types of surfaces. When chemical moves out of the spray machine, it has a positive charge, and negatively charged pollutants attract it. As a result, it removes them from surfaces with equipment designed for this purpose. Moreover, already sprayed and cleaned surfaces definitely repel the chemical due to the same type of charge. Disinfecting Services Cleveland Ohio helps you do it all. You may take advantage of premier quality and new cleaning service with affordable pricing plans. Electrostatic technologies surpass the outdated cleaning methods in a real sense.

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